Clear Dental Braces in West Lawn, Chicago, IL

Everyone wants to enjoy the confidence of having perfectly straight teeth, but metal braces can be an embarrassing eyesore that many teenagers and adults don’t want to have installed. Fortunately, clear dental braces are now more popular than ever, and they can get the job done quickly without anyone ever knowing you’re wearing braces at all.

How Do Clear Dental Braces in West Lawn, Chicago Work?

Clear dental braces require multiple molds to be taken of your teeth. On your first visit, the dentist will discuss your treatment plan, which will consist of a few different follow-up visits to check your progress and make a new mold. The molds will slowly pull your teeth into their correct alignment, each mold changing your teeth to be straighter than the last. How many molds you require will depend on your specific treatment plan.

In order for clear dental braces to take effect, you will be required to leave them in, although they are removable. This is yet another positive because being able to remove them means that you can brush your teeth as you normally would (conventional braces can prevent quality brushing techniques). Additionally, being able to remove them means you can take them out to eat.

Are Clear Dental Braces Right for Me?

Many individuals are candidates for clear dental braces. They can be placed on the upper arch, lower arch, or both as needed. However, clear dental braces generally work best for individuals with only minor alignment issues. Some of the most common alignment issues include a twisted front tooth on the bottom row, a protruding tooth that’s leaning forwards or backward, or a gap between teeth. Clear dental braces can also help with a variety of other minor misalignment issues, and even some more serious ones.

If you’re interested in knowing whether clear dental braces in West Lawn, Chicago are the right fit for you, schedule an appointment with Advanced Family Dental today. The dental team will be able to talk with you about all your treatment options so that you can feel confident in a perfectly straight and beautiful smile!


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