Dental Check-Ups in West Lawn, Chicago, IL

Whether you’re an avid brusher or an occasional flosser, everyone needs to be on-time for their standard 6-month checkup and cleaning, and there are countless reasons why.

Dental Cleanings

Brushing and flossing every day is essential to ensuring that you keep your mouth as clean as possible, but only your dental hygienist will be able to give you the deep, whole-mouth clean that professional tools and a second-person viewpoint can provide. From scaling down tartar buildup to using powerful rinses and products, only a dental checkup can truly leave your teeth clean and healthy.

Dental Checkups

In addition to having your teeth professionally cleaned to get anything you may miss in your regular brushing, it’s also important that you have a dentist look over your teeth at least twice a year. Their professional eye can spot the early signs of a cavity or gum issues that can lead to bigger issues later if left untreated. X-Rays will also help uncover hidden cavities that may be developing between your teeth or further back inside your mouth that you may not have noticed.

In fact, the biggest reason why people need to attend their dental checkup is due to the fact that cavities often go unnoticed until they become a bigger problem. In their early stages of development, a cavity won’t cause pain because it’s only breaking through the enamel and outer layers of dentine. It’s only when it’s left untreated and begins growing larger that it will start causing pain and discomfort. As it continues eating through the dentine of the tooth, the sensitive nerves will become more exposed to hot and cold.

Bacteria will continue to grow unless the cavity is filled in, and this can lead to a root canal due to an infection deeper within the tooth. Not detecting cavities and other issues early enough can lead to tooth loss and serious pain, which is why it’s always important that you attend your regular checkup. Spotting problems early by being proactive will help keep your smile healthy.

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