Root Canal Therapy in West Lawn, Chicago, IL

Root Canal Therapy, known as Endodontic Therapy, is a treatment protocol used to remedy an infection that has taken root inside the pulp of a tooth. Endodontic therapy will eliminate the infection and protect the decontaminated tooth from another microbial invasion that can cause serious damage and discomfort. Typically, the procedure is very straightforward.

Root canal treatment can save you from tooth loss and a significant amount of discomfort as it will remove the infection that is present in your tooth and prevent future infection. This treatment plan will enable you to keep a healthy smile. Depending on the seriousness of your inflammation and/or infection, treatment could take one visit or more.

Why Do I Need Root Canal Therapy?

If you need root canal therapy and do not pursue the treatment plan your dentist suggests, your tooth will continue decaying to the point of being fractured, breaking, or even falling out. At some point, the nerve of your tooth may die due to the poor health of the tooth. This will mean that you will not be able to feel any hot/cold sensation on that tooth.

A dead nerve will lead to further decay of the tooth, which can also affect the health of your gums and surrounding teeth. With these things considered, not treating an infected tooth will ultimately result in serious problems that can have a substantial effect on your smile and oral health as a whole.

If you have questions about root canal therapy, why you need it, or what it involves, the best option is to speak with your dentist. They will be able to explain the unique circumstances of your specific case and break down all of the potential treatment options that are available to you so that your smile can return to being happy and healthy again. To learn more about root canal therapy in West Lawn, Chicago, contact Advanced Family Dental today.


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