Wisdom Tooth Removal in West Lawn, Chicago, IL

Every person has four wisdom teeth in their mouth, but very few people keep their wisdom teeth through adulthood. Typically, the average person’s mouth is not large enough to accommodate wisdom teeth because they grow in at an angle.

Wisdom teeth can start coming into a person’s mouth during their late teenage years or at any time afterwards. Sometimes, all four wisdom teeth will begin pushing through at once, which is when severe discomfort can occur. Because wisdom teeth come in at an angle, they will push against the teeth next to them. The pain that results from their arrival can be almost debilitating, with many people facing difficulties and discomfort when opening or closing their mouth.

In most cases, a person will want to have their wisdom teeth extracted. It’s ideal to have all four wisdom teeth removed at once so that you can speed up your recovery, avoid discomfort, and get back to your normal lifestyle more quickly.

Typically, removing wisdom teeth will cause minimal side effects. Your gums will heal in just a few days, but you may experience some swelling or inflammation, especially if one wisdom tooth’s extraction was more difficult than another’s. This can happen when a wisdom tooth is allowed to begin taking root prior to being extracted.

For that reason, it is generally recommended that you get your wisdom teeth extracted sooner rather than later. On rare occasions, you might be able to accommodate your wisdom teeth’s growth without issue. However, special care will need to be made when it comes to cleaning your teeth during their arrival and after they have come in.

If you are experiencing pain from your wisdom teeth, visit Advanced Family Dental today to learn more about wisdom tooth removal in West Lawn, Chicago.


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